Every week, teens from 6th-12th grade come to clubRock to learn what it takes to be a Christian young person and to build their life on the strong foundation of God's Word. The doors open at 6:30 for teens to come, eat, play games, and make friends. Praise and Worship starts at 7.

Wednesdays at 7 PM



Every month, clubRock puts on an event called Encounter. These nights are an awesome opportunity for teens to bring their friends that may not normally come to church. There are all kinds of games and food is provided. Then all of the teens go upstairs for an awesome time of praise and worship and a message straight from the Word of God.

Sunday School

Jr. High and High School

Every Sunday at 11 AM, we have Sunday School for Jr. High and for High School. Jr. High meets in room 242. High School meets in room 241. This is a great chance for teens to make friends and learn even more about what it takes to be a Christian in this generation.

Sundays at 11 AM


Youth Outreach

Every Wednesday, teens go out to invite other teens to church and tell them about the Gospel. This is an awesome way to let your light shine before others and to practice sharing your faith. If you would like to know more you can email us at

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